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The University of Chicago
Graduate School of Business
1101 East 58th Street
Chicago, IL 60637

Phone:  (773) 834-4348
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Tanya Menon


Assistant Professor of Behavioral Science
Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior, Stanford University, 2000

Field Specialties

Organizational Behavior
Cultural Psychology


People are embedded in networks of knowledge - knowledge that comes from their sociocultural and organizational environments - and my research focuses on how people access and use that knowledge. I look at this topic from two angles. First, I am interested in how cultural knowledge moves through individual minds. I have examined how national culture affects people's perceptions of individual and corporate responsibility for wrongdoing, and how subtle features of the decision making environment affect the nature of cultural influence. Second, I am also interested in the social psychological processes by which organizational knowledge moves from person to person, and how people's relationships to others determine the degree to which they see a particular piece knowledge as good, true, and valuable.

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