Developmental Curriculum Requirements

All Students in the Developmental Psychology program must fulfill the General Departmental Requirements.

The following requirements are in addition to the Graduate Curriculum Required of All Graduate Students in the Developmental Psychology Training Program:  


1. General course: Psych 40500: Advanced Seminar in Developmental Psychology is required of all students in the program. A prerequisite for this course is that the student has already taken a survey course in developmental psychology. This course should be taken in addition to the common graduate curriculum requirements. 

2. An advanced course in three of four areas of Developmental Psychology. Certain seminars may also fulfill these requirements. Below are a few examples of courses that will fulfill these requirements. This is not a comprehensive list as course offerings change from year to year. Students may petition the developmental area chair to count courses not included on this list. Topics in Developmental Psychology along with an additional paper may, under special circumstances, be used towards one course satisfying this requirement, with permission of the developmental area chair. Note: These courses may not be used to satisfy the breadth requirement for developmental area students.

  • Cognitive/Intellectual Development: Psyc 42550: Topics in Cognitive Development (Woodward); Psyc 33600: Development in Infancy (Woodward), Psyc 42040: Sem. Mathematical Development (Levine),PSYC 43690 Topics in Action, Representation, and Gesture (Goldin-Meadow).
  • Biological Development: Psyc 34900: Biopsychology of Attachment (Maestripieri); PSYC 36655 Topics in Epigenetics of the Brain (Winter 2020); Psyc 36660: Genes and Behavior (London); PSYC 42052 Genes and Environment in Language and Cognitive Development (Levine; Yurovsky); PSYC 43760: Sensitive Periods: How the timing of experience alters its effect (London); Psyc 44450 Developmental Social Neuroscience (Decety). 
  • Language/Communicative Development: Psyc 43200: Seminar in Language Development (Goldin-Meadow); Psyc 35500: Language Socialization (Lucy); PSYC 43550: Gesture (Goldin-Meadow), PSYC 43680 Topics in Language and Gesture (Goldin-Meadow).
  • Social/Emotional Development: Psyc 41115: Social Cognitive Development (Shaw); Psyc 34500: Developmental and Neuroscience Perspectives on Social Cognition (Decety).

3. Students are expected to take advanced courses and seminars, particularly in their area of interest, and to attend the weekly meeting of Topics in Developmental Psychology.

4. In fall of third year, students will present their trial research findings in the developmental brown bag seminar.

5. In winter of the fourth year students write a theoretical review of research relevant to their dissertation. Ideally, this review could be a publishable article, suitable for a journal such as Psychological Bulletin or Developmental Review and will help in formulating the dissertation. Students will do a presentation of the theoretical review paper in the developmental brown bag seminar by the end of their fourth year. The review paper must be approved by both the student's advisor and a reader. This requirement must be completed prior to the proposal hearing.