The common curriculum consists of 8 courses. Other requirements for graduate students will be set by the student's area of specialization.

Proseminar: One-quarter course in which faculty members whose primary affiliation is the Department of Psychology give a summary of their ongoing research and students write a research proposal, to be submitted for an NSF graduate fellowship if the student is eligible for this funding. Professional development topics are also covered.

Statistics Requirement: Three courses (these courses must be passed with a grade of B or better):

  1. Statistics 22000 or Business 41000 or equivalent approved by the Graduate Curriculum Committee. More advanced courses, for which these courses are prerequisites also fulfill this requirement.
  2. Psychology 37300: Experimental Design and Statistical Modeling I.
  3. Psychology 37900 Experimental Design and Statistical Modeling II.

Trial Research Seminar: All graduate students are required to take the trial research seminar in the spring quarter of the first year. The purpose of this seminar is to help students formulate and complete their trial research projects.

Breadth Requirement: Students are required to take a minimum of three doctoral level courses in Psychology, extending across different areas of psychological science. Statistics courses and laboratory meetings may not be used to fulfill this requirement. These courses should be chosen in consultation with the student’s advisor and program area. These courses must be passed with a grade of B or better.