Where Our Students Go

The majority of our graduates, 64%, go on to careers in university and college teaching, some into government and commercial positions. Of those, over 66% of students who graduated from 2008-2013 accepted a post-doc position upon graduation. 17% of Department graduates accepted tenure-track faculty positions and another 12% accepted adjunct/lecturer, visiting assistant professor, or international lecturer positions. In that same cohort, 72% of graduates accepted positions with national universities, 14% with international universities, 7% with regional universitites, and 7% with "other" types of institutions. 

Here is a list of our recent graduates and the positions they accepted immediately after graduating:

Barakzai, Anam UX Researcher, RingCentral, 2019.

Cardenas-Iniguez, Carlos Social Sciences Teaching Fellow, University of Chicago, 2019.

Faig, Kelly Postdoc, Duke University, 2019.

Foster, Josh Postdoc, Boston University, 2019.

Kardan, Omid Postdoc, University of Chicago, 2019.

Layden, Elliot Data Scientist, Data Discovery, and Decision Science (D3) Department at Allstate, 2019.

Scheaffer, Marjorie Assistant Professor, St. Mary's College, 2019.

Mangelsdorf, Heather Visiting Assistant Professor, North Central College Naperville, IL, 2018.

Adam, Kirsten Postdoc, University of California (San Diego), 2018.

Berkowitz, Talia Postdoc, University of Chicago, 2018.

Bregant, Jessica Jerome Hall Postdoctoral Fellow, Indiana University Law School, 2018.

Brookshire, Geoffrey Postdoc with Ole Jensen, University of Birmingham, UK, 2018.

Chen, Yung-Tsen Social Sciences Teaching Fellow, University of Chicago, 2018.

Dimitroff, Stephanie Postdoc with Jens Pruessner, University of Constant, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, 2018.

Doss, Manoj Postdoc with Frederick Barrett and Roland Griffiths, Johns Hopkins University, 2018.

Pitt, Benjamin Postdoc, University of California (Berkeley), 2018.

Smith, Karen Postdoc with Seth Pollak, University of Wisconsin, 2018.

Sutterer, David Postdoc, Vanderbilt University, 2018.

Yap, Defu Research Fellow, NTU Nanyang Technical University, Singapore, 2018.

Henry, Andrea User Experience Specialist, Centralis, 2017.

Gibson, Dominic Social Sciences Teaching Fellow, University of Chicago, 2017.

Gyurovski, Ivo Visiting Assistant Professor, Hampden-Sydney College, 2018.

Hayakawa, Sayuri Postdoc, Northwestern University, 2017.

Sattizahn, Jason Research and Development, Sony PlayStation, 2017.

Chang, Hye Sang Postdoc with Vinod Menon, Stanford University, 2017.

Yoder, Keith Postdoc with Jean Decety, University of Chicago, 2017.

Congdon, Eliza Visiting Assistant Professor, Williams College, 2016.

Filippi, Courtney Postoc with Danny Pine, NICHD, 2016.

Gray, Stephen Consumer Insights Analyst at Facebook, 2016.

Kotabe, Hiroki Postdoc with Marc Berman, University of Chicago, 2016.

Liberman, Zoe Assistant Professor, University of California, Santa Barabara, 2016.

Novack, Miriam Postoc with Steven Franconeri, Northwestern University, 2016.

Wang, Wei Intern working on applied human vision projects, Samsung, 2016.

Schroeder, Juliana Assistant Professor, Berkeley Haas Management in Organizations, 2015.

De Jesus, Jasmine Postdoc with Julie Lumeng, Susan Gelman, and Henry Wellman, University of Michigan2015.

Fan, Samantha MAPSS Johnson Lecturer, University of Chicago2015.

Garvin, Laura Researcher, Customer Experience Index, Forrester Research, 2015.

Howard, Lauren Assistant Professor, Franklin and Marshall College2015.

Van Hedger, Kathryne Postdoc with Harriet De Witt, University of Chicago2015.

Van Hedger, Stephen Postdoc with Marc Berman and Howard Nusbaum, University of Chicago2015.

Wynn, Ashley User Researcher II, PROS2015.

Flaherty, Molly Postoc with Susan Goldin-Meadow and Daniel Casasanto, University of Chicago2014.

Majka, Elizabeth Visiting Faculty at the College of Elmhurst2014.

Park, DaEun Postdoc with Angela Duckworth, University of Pennsylvania2014.

Frederick, Donald Co-Founder of a Biotech Start-up2014.

Brooks, Neon Postdoc with Liz Spelke, Harvard Univeristy2014. 

Zhou, Haotian Postdoc with Nick Epley, University of Chicago Booth School of Buisiness2014.

Applebaum, Lauren Postdoc with Marcia Linn, University of California (Berkeley)2014. 

Brawn, Timothy Postdoc with Daniel Margoliash, University of Chicago2014. 

Allen, Elizabeth Lead User Experience Researcher, Prosper2013.

Bradley, Sean Postoc with Timothy J. Bartness at Georgia State University2013.

Goyle, Arina SSRS, Social Sciences Research Firm2013.

Light, Alysson Postdoc with Grainne Fitzsimons, Duke University2013.

Shockley, Elizabeth  Postdoc at the University of Nebraska (Lincoln), 2013.

Porges, Eric Post-doctoral fellow in the Center for Cognitive Aging and Memory, University of Florida, 2013.

Cervantes, Sasha Assistant Professor, Governor's State University, 2013.

Dautel, Jocelyn Lecturer, Queen's University, Belfast, Ireland, 2013.

Mulqueeny, Kevin  Education Research Scientist at Reasoning Mind, 2013.

Ramirez, Gerardo Assistant Professor, UCLA, 2013.

VanderMeer, James Insight Strategy Group, 2013.

Beaudoin-Ryan, Leanne Researcher/Consultant at the University of Chicago Urban Education Institute, 2012.

Hunsicker, MargareDirector of Research and Evaluation, Horizons for Homeless Children, 2012.

Khetarpal, Naveen Postdoc with Susan C. Levine, University of Chicago, 2012.

Baltazar, Nicole Research Analyst at Slover Linett Strategies, 2012.

Ben-Ami Bartal, Inbal Miller Research Fellow, University of California- Berkeley, 2012.

Gunderson, Elizabeth Assistant Professor, Temple University, 2012.

Bloomfield, Tiffany Software Test Engineer, Epic Systems, 2012.

Heald, Shannon Postoc with Howard Nusbaum, University of Chicago, 2012.

Lyons, Ian Postdoc with Daniel Ansari, Western Ontario University, 2012.

Mattarella-Micke, Andrew Postdoc with Bruce McCandliss, Vanderbilt University, 2012.

Sim, Jessica Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, 2012.

Skelly, Laurie Data scientist at Datascope Analytics, LLC, 2012.

Kang, Para Postdoc with Dingcai Cao, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2012.

Wong, Jessica Quantitative Analyst at Insight Strategy Group, 2012.

Ma, Debbie Assistant Professor, California State University (Northridge), 2011.

Sun, Yang Assistant Professor, Peking University, 2011.