Autumn Quarter 2022


Completing Honors in Psychology
Tuesday, Sept. 27, 6:00 pm in B101 (Psychology Building)

All students interested in honors are welcome to attend this informational session but it is especially important for seniors planning on graduating with honors this year. To make sure you understand the process for completing the honors program in Psychology, we will go over what to expect from your research advisor and graduate student mentors involved, what your responsibilities are, and how to manage your project to be sure your thesis will be approved in time. Essentially, you will learn what you should be doing, when you should be doing it, and how to get it done.
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Orientation to the Psychology Major
Thursday, September 29, 6:00 pm in SS122

If you are interested in psychology, attend our welcome reception and orientation to the major. Find out more about the field of psychology, our undergraduate program, getting involved in research, graduating with honors, double majors, our UG Psychology RSO, and plans for our new Collegiate Psychology Fellows program. There will be plenty of time for students to ask questions and meet the director of UG Studies, Anne Henly, and this year’s Psychology preceptors, Tess Fulcher and Freddy Rockwood.
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Lab Night: Getting Involved in Research
Monday, October 3, 7:30 pm, South Lounge Reynolds Club

Whatever your career interests, research experience is an invaluable way to strengthen your psychology education. Lab night is an annual fall quarter event to help match students looking to acquire research experience with research labs looking for assistants. Researchers from a wide variety of psychology-related labs across the university will be present to describe the research projects in their labs and the types of opportunities available to undergraduates. Representatives of labs in Psychology, Neurobiology, Psychiatry, Economics, Booth School of Business, Crown School of Social Work, and others will be present. Even if you aren't ready to start looking for a research position yet, come and learn about the many different kinds of psychology-related projects going on. 
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URIP Workshop: Applying to Graduate School
Thursday, October 6, 6:00 pm via Zoom, register here for the link:

This workshop is especially important for students currently in the process of applying to graduate school but will be useful for any student who thinks they may eventually go to graduate school. We will discuss the admissions process and what admissions committees look for in applicants, as well as what you should look for in choosing programs to apply to. We'll share advice on contacting faculty in graduate programs, preparing personal statements, approaching letter writers, etc. Students considering applying for graduate school in future years are welcome to attend; learn what you should be doing now in order to be ready to apply in the future. Please register for this event to get the link.


URIP Workshop: Writing a Statement of Purpose
Wednesday, October 12, 6:00 pm, via Zoom, register here for the link:

Hands-on writing workshop to help students currently preparing personal statements and CVs for their graduate school applications.


Clinical Psychology and Mental Health Workshop: Preparing for a Career in Mental Health
Tuesday, November 1, 6 PM, via Zoom, register here for the link:

Join the discussion in this quarterly workshop for students interested in clinical psychology or other mental health professions. This quarter we will discuss how to structure your undergraduate courses and activities for a future career in mental health. What is the right major? Do I need research experience? How do I get hands-on clinical experience? Why are there no clinical courses offered in psychology? What courses should I take?


Intro to Library Resources for Psychology (presented by Holiday Vega)
Tuesday, November 10, 6:30 PM,

This session will help you find the most recent full text research articles to support your assignments, literature reviews, and your own topics of interest in Psychology. You will also learn how to search databases more effectively beyond Google Scholar, such as PsychINFO and Web of Science, and you will learn how to easily create APA formatted reference lists.

UC Psychology Club (UC PSYCH) RSO
for more info visit or email Efe Dogruoz

UC Psych’s weekly meetings will give students a chance to meet with other undergraduate students who are interested in psychology, regardless of whether or not they are majoring in it. At these meetings, members will take turns leading discussions about areas of psychology they are interested in, collaborate on a biannual UC Psych journal, and also get a chance to talk to upperclassmen about their experiences with classes and the major.

Winter Quarter 2023

Center for Decision Research Coffee Chat

Join us for a coffee chat with Rafael Batista, a student in the Behavioral Science program at the Booth School of Business. Prior to his graduate studies, Rafael co-founded the Behavioral Economics team within the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and served as Head of Behavioral Research. He has also worked at the Busara Center for Behavioral Economics, a research and advisory firm headquartered in East Africa, helping set up the advisory practice and expanding operations into Ethiopia. Through his work, he has advised and collaborated with large, international corporations as well as small tech startups on a variety of topics including health and sanitation, financial services, social policy, agriculture, information technology, and human resources.

Info Session:  Honors in Psychology & the Earl Franklin Fellowship        

Students interested in completing honors in Psychology should attend this informational meeting to learn about the honors program and the Earl R. Franklin Research Fellowship. Senior honors students and Earl Franklin recipients will be on hand to share their experiences. 

Summer Plans: Internships and Research Opportunities 

Learn about summer activities, internships, and programs, including educational programs at other universities, community service, business internships, research assistantships, etc. Although we distribute a handout of resources, websites, and common sources of information, the focus is on how to do the legwork to find the right position for you. A representative from Career Advancement will attend to talk about their resources and services. 

URIP Workshop: Research Round Table

Are you involved in research? Dozens of students are working in psychology-related research labs on campus doing everything from designing stimuli, programming experiments and running subjects to helping code video and analyze data. Join your fellow students to compare notes and find out about their research experiences. We HOPE by mid-February we can meet in person and get pizza or subs for dinner but if not we will send a Zoom invite.

UC Psych UG RSO!  semi-weekly meetings

Spring Quarter 2023

Spring Lab Night: Getting Involved in Research

Are you looking for a summer research position in a psychology-related lab? If so, it is not too late! Please join us to hear from labs looking for research assistants over the summer months. Representatives from a variety of labs will talk about the projects and positions (including paid and part-time opportunities) they have available. Food (with gluten-free and vegetarian options) will be provided.

Careers in Mental Health: An Insider’s View

Are you interested in a career in the mental health field but unsure which advanced degree option may be the best path for you to pursue? Come and listen to our panel of professionals from a variety of mental health fields such as psychiatry (MD), clinical psychology (PhD or PsyD), clinical social work (MSW), and counseling (LCPC) talk about their career paths and answer questions about their work. Stay tuned for a date and time.

Honors Day Symposium

The Honors Day Symposium is a poster session for honors students to present their honors research projects and celebrate their accomplishments with department members as well as friends and family. All department members — majors, grad students, post-docs, and faculty — are invited to attend. This year, Honors Day will be held in person with live presentations of research posters. 

Diversity in Children's Media: Why It Matters

Why is it important for media programming to reflect diversity? Does the diversity of characters in children’s media affect kids’ attitudes and development? What factors (e.g., emotional outcomes, identity formation, social attitudes) should we consider when studying the effects of media “representation” on viewers? Join your fellow students in a discussion of these issues. We’ll watch the recent Sesame Street special, “See Us Coming Together” celebrating Asian and Pacific Islander communities and then discuss how diversity in television programs might affect the viewers. Light dinner will be served.

UC Psych UG RSO!  semi-weekly meetings