Program Requirements

When planning your course schedule, please consult the Courses section on this website for any changes in course offerings in the Department of Psychology. Also read email updates sent to the Psych-majors listhost by the Department of Psychology. If you have questions do not hesitate to consult with Anne Henly or the Psychology student affairs administrator, Kristi Schonwald (

Students who plan to receive a degree with Honors in Psychology at the Spring 2023 convocation MUST register their intentions with the Department of Psychology Student Affairs Administrator by emailing Kristi Schonwald by midway through the Autumn quarter. If you are considering graduating with honors please discuss this option with Anne Henly.

For guidelines related to graduating with honors click here.

Spring 2023 Honors Deadlines

1. Student should discuss with his/her adviser when to submit a complete draft to the honors paper advisor. This is often in sixth week, but advisers may wish to set an earlier deadline.

2. May 8, 2023 Deadline for Department to receive the special honors approval paper form from your advisor and from your second reader if you plan to graduate in Spring. Your advisor and your second reader should each email their approval to Kristi Schonwald.

Course Petitions

If you would like to petition a course to count in the psychology major, please fill out the College's General Petition Form and return it along with a course syllabus to Kristi Schonwald ( Your petition will be forwarded to the Director of Undergraduate Studies. General petition forms can be found in the Useful Forms section of this website.

Reading and Research Forms

Students may be able to arrange for a Reading and Research Course with a faculty member if: 1. The material the student would like to study is beyond the scope of the course, 2. When a student is working on material not covered in an existing course, 3. When a student would like credit for independent research. You can obtain the Reading and Research form from College Advising. Follow the instructions on the form to get the necessary signatures and submit the form to the office of the Registrar by Friday of third week. Please note that students cannot receive academic credit for paid work.

Psychology Major Listhost: SIGN UP NOW!

If you have not done so already, please be sure to sign up for the Psychology listhost. The listhost is the primary means of communication between the Psychology Department and its majors or those who are interested in being majors. We use it to notify you of events relevant to psychology majors, research opportunities, job postings, fellowship announcements, and any changes in the course schedule, curriculum updates, etc.