High school students wishing to study psychology at the University of Chicago should apply for admission through the College

Psychology majors complete a curriculum that ensures breadth of preparation by requiring students to take four classes chosen from five subfields: biological psychology, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology, and sensation and perception. Students also complete courses in statistics and methodology that are intended to provide the quantitative background for research experience in psychology. Coursework also includes six psychology electives.

Students supplement their work in intimate classroom settings with hands-on research experience, benefiting from the University of Chicago’s position as a leading institution for academic research. Undergraduates interested in experimental research are encouraged to participate in faculty research projects, often as early as first year. With faculty support and encouragement, University of Chicago undergraduates are able to dedicate a substantial portion of their curriculum to serious, sustained research. Many students draw upon their research experiences to complete an optional senior research project. 

Undergraduates are encouraged to be active participants in the department through involvement in professional and academic development events. Students also benefit from participation in Psi Chi, the local unit of the National Honor Society in Psychology. Psi Chi members attend such events as Lab Night, where University researchers describe their latest projects and the positions available to undergraduates; graduate-student and graduate-school panels to help with the application process; undergraduate experience panels where undergraduate speakers share their psychology-related summer and school-year activities; and movie study breaks.