Most of our psychology majors are involved in research and many complete honors projects. Below is a list of recent honors projects. To find out how to get involved in research, please contact Anne Henly


Shweta Desiraju (Adviser: Anne Henly) Thinking and Knowing: How practiced thinkers evade misleading effects of deliberating on judgments

Xanthe Gallate(Adviser: Jean Decety) Does Nature Make Children More Generous- An Examination of the Effects of Natural and Urban Environments on Children’s Generous Giving

Annie Hao (Adviser: Richard Schweder) Self and Public-Stigma Against Mental Health Treatment in Chinese National and Chinese Americans at the University of Chicago

Fiona Helgren(Adviser: Sian Beilock) Implicit Theories of Emotion Moderate the Effects of Expressive Writing on Exam Performance

Zhenni Lin (Adviser: Alex Shaw) When fairness gets expensive: Children sacrifice fairness to avoid waste

Jamila Picart (Adviser: David Gallo) Emotion Reduces False Recollections Driven by Conceptual but not by Perceptual Information

Chelsea Rapoport (Adviser: Tina Drossos; Anne Henly) Understanding How Family Environment Impacts the Relationship Between Self-Care and Phsyiological Measures in Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes

Haozhe Shan (Adviser: Greg Norman) A Rodent Model of Social Rejection

Wendy Tong (Adviser: Peggy Mason; Greg Norman) The Impact of Limited Sensory Exposure on Helping Behavior in Rats

Zachary Trail (Adviser: Alex Shaw) The costs and benefits of self -righteosness: A developmental investigation


George Abitante (Adviser: Howard Nusbaum) The Effect of Acute Exercise on Consolidation of Learning

Maximillian Bluestone (Adviser: David Gallo) The Effects of Musical Underscoring on Memory for Film Clips

Francisco Cavalche Meyer (Adviser: Harriet de Wit; Marc Berman) Looking back at the past through booze-tinted glasses: effects of alcohol on future emotional responses to drinking partners

Y.B. Choi (Adviser: Amanda Woodward) Neurodevelopmental Correlate of Theory of Mind and Executive Functions: Infant Frontal Alpha Event Related Desynchronization (ERD)

Sherry He (Adviser: Dana Suskind; Susan Levine) A Caregiver-Directed Intervention to Enrich Math Talk in Early Childhood

Sofia Huang (Adviser: Boaz Keysar; Katherine Kinzler) Deceptive Pointing as a Window onto Children’s Socio-communicative Development

Adrienne Hunt (Adviser: Jean Decety) Cognitive Versus Affective Empathy: Do They Affect Parenting?

Megan Koehen (Adviser: Greg Norman; Kathryn Keenan) Effects of a Newly Developed Preventative Intervention for Depression of Emotionality in Pre-Adolescent African American Girls

Nicholas Lyon (Adviser: Harriet de Wit; David Gallo) Sugar preference predicts a decreased negative subjective response to amphetamine

Jen Novo (Adviser: Brian Prendergast) Effects of Prenatal Maternal Immune Activation on Emotional Behavior and Molecular Circadian Rhythms in Adult Female and Male Mice

Alexandra Perez-Garcia (Adviser: Alex Shaw; Katherine Kinzler) Getting Caught Red Handed Increases Children’s Generosity

Ellen Roney (Adviser: Boaz Keysar; Ed O'Brien) Play Hard, Then Work Hard? Mispredicting Enjoyment for Earned Leisure

Evelina Sterina (Adviser: Brian Prendergast) Finding the Ultradian Oscillator: The Roles of the Arcuate Nucleus and Circadian Rhythmicity in Ultradian Rhythms

Nathan Vasquez (Adviser: Amanda Woodward) Odd One Out? The Role of Group Membership in Action Attribution

Jaewon Yoon (Adviser: Boaz Keysar; Ed O'Brien) Context Matters: How and Why Superordinate Framing Enhances Task Experience


Katrin Bovbjerg (Adviser: Jean Decety) Sharing Behavior Development and Resting State Asymmetry in Infants

Jacob Chambers (Advisers: Eugene Caruso, Boaz Keyser) Factors Affecting Scope Sensitivity in Judgments of Value

Ariel Chang (Adviser: Jean Decety) Developmental Changes in the Mechanisms Motivating Empathic Concern and Saving Behavior in Children

Amanda Dobbyn (Advisers: Daario Maestripieri, Boaz Keyser) An exploration of stress, gender, and risk preference in the financial and prosocial domains

Joseline Gomez (Advisers: Susan Levine, Dana Suskind) Don’t Let the Babies Cry: Beliefs about Spoiling in the Immediate Postpartum Period

Leah Hirschfeld (Advisers: Susan Goldin-Meadow, Lindsey Richland) A Parent’s Influence: Parental Impact on Analogical Reasoning in 3- and 4-year-old Children

Sophie Holtzmann (Adviser: Boaz Keysar) Risk Perception and Foreign Language Use

Alexa Karczmar (Adviser: Jean Decety) Parental Dispositions and Parenting Styles as Predictors of Moral Self-Regulation in Infants

Julie Klock (Adviser: Brian Prendergast) Maternal Immune Activation Alters the Development of Offspring Circadian Rhythms

Konrad Kubicki (Adviser: Dario Maestripieri, Greg Norman) Effects of Acute Stress and Partner Social Status on Social Decision-Making

William Loftus (Adviser: Susan Goldin-Meadow) Role of Parental Gesture in Child Handshape Across Development

Kiehlor Mack (Adviser: Anne Henly) Can thinking about language make us wiser? Effects of humanities education on social reasoning

Leah Malamut (Adviser: Brian Prendergast) The Effects of Neuroinflamation on RFamide mRNA Expression in Female Siberian Hamsters (Phodopus sungorus)

Nicholas Rekenthaler (Adviser:Amanda Woodward) Bilingualism, Ambiguity, Interpretation

Holly Zaharchuk (Adviser: Daniel Casasanto) Does Linguistic Experience Change Mental Representations of Pitch?


Amra Basic (Adviser: Katherine Kinzler) Understanding Children’s Social Motivations: The Mechanism Behind the Effects of Ostracism

Martha Fahlgren (Adviser: Jean Decety) How Mean is That Person?: Constructing Moral Judgment

Lily Gabaree (Advisers: Susan Levine, Susan Goldin-Meadow) Teacher Gesture During Physics Instruction 

Emily Gerdin (Adviser:Katherine Kinzler) Children’s Reasoning about Food Selection as a Conventional Domain

Julia Goldsmith-Pinkham (Adviser:Susan Goldin-Meadow) Handshape and Meaning in Signers and Gesturers 

Jessica Goodman (Adviser:Susan Goldin-Meadow)Development of the Palm-Up Gesture: The Influence of Child-Directed Speech

Anders Hogstrom (Adviser:Howard Nusbaum) The Sound of Silence: Attention Entrainment to Syncopated Rhythms

Anna Pfautz (Adviser:Amanda Woodward) Adults’ and Children’s Spontaneous Preference Inferences 

Brent Rappaport (Adviser: Amanda Woodward) It’s all Greek to me: The influence of language based social groups on intention understanding 

Sarah Recktenwald (Advisers:Anne Henly, Bernd Wiitenbrink) Moderating Effects of Goals on Racial and Emotional Bias

Emily Shaw (Advisers: Jane Risen, Anne Henly) Friendship and Popularity: Predicting the Effects of Contact on Israeli and Palestinian Youths 

Rebecca Silverberg (Adviser: Jean Decety) Influence of Parent-Child Interaction on Prosocial Behavior 

Katelyn Stangl (Adviser: Susan Goldin-Meadow) The Emergence of a Morphological Noun-Verb Distinction in Nicaraguan Sign Language 

Natalie Stepien (Adviser: Steve Shevell) Color-Motion Feature Misbinding Without Color 

Natalie VanDaalen (Adviser: Richard Schweder) Help-Seeking Attitudes in Asian Americans: Role of Parents’ Cultural Values 

Arielle Von Hippel (Adviser: John Cacioppo) Ah, Look at all the Lonely People: Positive Fantasizing and Mental Contrasting Reduce Loneliness in an online Population 

Margueritte Claire Wilson (Advisers: Dario Maestripieri and Greg Norman) Physiological Arousal to Psychosocial Stress and Sexual Stimuli: Applications with Personality and Sociosexuality


Amishi Bajaj (Adviser: Greg Norman) Group bias and disgust

Cristina Carrazza (Adviser: Amanda Woodward) Selective imitation of linguistic in-group members: Reevaluating learning differences in infancy

Katherine Crain (Adviser: Katherine Kinzler) Influencing Children’s Food Choices: Message Valence Matters 

Emily Greenwood (Adviser: Sian Beilock) Students Who Believe Intelligence Can Change Are More Likely to Choke Under Pressure

Gabriel Kalal (Adviser:Susan Levine) Spatial Comparison Through Visual Overlay and Gesture 

Lynda Lin (Adviser: Sarah London) From Behavior to Genes: Mapping Differences in Behavioral Response to Song Popularity in Female Zebra Finches

David Mozdzen (Adviser: Jean Decety) The Development and Validation of the Two-Dimentional Grid Scale

Nancy Pantoja (Adviser:Amanda Woodward) The Effect of Private Speech and Agency on Children’s Memory of an Event 

Kelly Runyan (Adviser: John Cacioppo) Combatting the Consequences of Rejection: Can Synchrony Mitigate Aggression and Replenish Core Needs? 

Heidi Siegrist (Adviser:Greg Norman) Physiological Correlates of Social Cognition

Lester Tong (Adviser: Jean Decety) Anxiety, Psychophysiology, and Moral Judgment


Marius Aleska (Adviser: John Cacioppo) If you move like me, do you think like me? Synchrony and egocentric projection

Samantha Burton (Adviser: Susan Levine) Parental Praise and Children’s Theories of Intelligence

Megan Davis (Adviser: Joshua Correll) The Development of Hemispheric Asymmetries in the Categorical Perception and Recognition of Own and Other Race Faces

Pierce Ekstrom (Adviser: Penny Visser) As Far as I Can Throw Him: Trust in Political and Interpersonal Contexts 

Molly Green (Adviser: Susan Goldin-Meadow) Do children with pre- and perinatal unilateral brain lesions receive different linguistic and gestural input from their parents than typically developing children? 

Erika Gustafson (Adviser: Susan Levine) Risk Behavior in Homeless Youth: Relationship with Self-Reported and Objectively Measured Executive Functioning 

Larisa Hussak (Adviser: Sian Beilock) Do Success Expectations Always to Success? The Role of Type and Target on Children’s Performance and Affect 

David Katske (Adviser: Jasmin Cloutier) Autonomic Nervous System Response to Ingoroup and Outgroup Members of Contrasting Financial Status 

Chi-Hyn Kim (Adviser: Howard Nusbaum) The role of visual social cues in speech perception under talker variability

Hannah Koch (Adviser: Dario Maestripieri) The Effects of Stress on Cortisol Levels in Developing Rhosus Monkeys

Jennifer Liu (Adviser: Susan Levine) Early caregiver-child fictional narrative interactions and children’s language and reading skills 

Michael Newman (Adviser: Howard Nusbaum) The Role of Performance in FPS Video Games and on Prosocial Behavior 

Ela Sehic (Adviser: Brian Prendergast) Development of Food Entrainment in Juvenile Siberian Hamsters 

Brooke Slawinski (Adviser: Jean Decety) Personality disorder comorbidity predicts decreases in symptom severity but not rapid response in women who binge-eat 

Suzanna So (Adviser: John Cacioppo) The relationship between suicidality and binge eating disorder in a clinical sample

Carol Swetlik (Adviser: Jean Decety) Perception at Harm in Children at High Risk for Developing Conduct Disorder: Eye Gaze Patterns and Pupil Dilation 

Talia Retter (Adviser: Jean Decety) Autonomic Responses to Emotional Stimuli in Children with Conduct Disorder 

Evan Weingarten (Adviser: Howard Nusbaum) Optimism, Ambiguity, and Attention 

Francis Robert Willett (Adviser: Daniel Margoliash) Improving Brain Machine Interface Performance by Decoding Intended Future Movements