Most of our psychology majors are involved in research and many complete honors projects. Below is a list of recent honors projects. To find out how to get involved in research, please contact Anne Henly


Katharine Boggs (Adviser: Emma Levine) Do gendered expectations influence interest in workplace tasks?

Sydney Buffonge (Adviser: Amanda Woodward) Infants' Race-Based Visual Preferences: Exploring Bias in Static Versus Dynamic Contexts

Defne Buyukyazgan (Adviser: Akram Bakkour) The Effect of Differential Learning of Stimulus Attributes on Subjective Value Construction

Caroline Chade (Adviser: Susan Goldin-Meadow) Parental Responses to Children's Actions and Gestures: Effects on Word Learning

Lev Copelan (Adviser: Susan Goldin-Meadow) Response Latency to Questions Regarding Differing Social Groups

Jessica Davalos (Adviser: Amanda Woodward) What's going on?: Comparisons of social referencing among Mayan and US infants

Rebecca Greenberg (Adviser: Wilma Bainbridge) Investigating Variations Within Visual Memory When Scene Grammar Is Violated

Alyssa Guillu (Adviser: Susan Goldin-Meadow) Shrug Gestures as a Window into the Pragmatic Development of Children with Pre- and Perinatal Brain Lesions

Mahika Hari (Adviser: Boaz Keysar) Impact of Language Modality on Empathy and Forgiveness

Katherine Hodgdon (Adviser: Katherine Kinzler) Motivated Perspective-Taking: The role of social information in children's theory of mind

Naomi Nero (Adviser: Jean Decety) Psychopathy, Borderline Personality Disorder, and Violent Crime in Male and Female Inmates

Chloe Roske (Adviser: Bernd Wittenbrink) Is it real? The influence of perceived target ethnicity on authenticity judgments of smile expressions

Lauren Thompson (Adviser: Jean Decety) Impact of Moral Convictions and Cognitive Style on Social Evaluations of Political Violence

Kaitlyn Wallace (Adviser: Kate Keenan) Interpersonal Needs and Minority Stress: Contributions to Bisexual Mental Health

Jack Westhead (Adviser: Boaz Keysar) The Impact of Mood Dimensions on Metacognitive Performance

Feyza Yucel (Adviser: Brian Prendergast) Time Restricted Feeding and Alzheimer's-Type Behavior in a Mouse Model


Emily Bansemer (Adviser: Boaz Keysar) Impact of race on accent prestige and hiring decisions

Mollie Davies (Adviser: Fan Yang) What meaning means to children: The development of meaning perceptions and valuation

Daryn Ellison (Adviser: Amanda Woodward) Learning contexts affect rule-learning in adults

Sara Hockett (Adviser: Susan Levine) All in a day's work: Decision making and the appraisal of mental effort

Alice Ji (Adviser: Greg Norman) Ramifications of social inclusion: Does social inclusion affect people's adoption and internalization of harm-doing group normative behavior?

Yena Kim (Adviser: Howard Nusbaum) Psychological resilience and distress during the Covid-19 pandemic

Emily Knopf (Adviser: Susan Levine) Gender identification as a predictor of math anxiety

Josselin Martinez (Adviser: Amanda Woodward) Help-seeking behaviors in toddlers as a product of executive functioning and social engagement

Eddie Mondeja (Adviser: Alex Shaw) Evaluations of poserism: Children's nuance to impression management deceptions

Nicholas O'Donnell (Adviser: Nicolas Epley) Giving guidance: The impact of different communicative media on advice-taking

Anastasia Shvedova (Adviser: Boaz Keysar) Are mediators less biased than negotiators? The case of full information

Margaret Wolfson (Adviser: Fan Yang) Love your group as yourself: Children value and promote the interests of their group

Ashley Yu (Adviser: Anuj Shah) Psychological mechanisms underlying the gap in expectations about the poor and the rich


Jillian Bowman (Adviser: Marc Berman) A walk in the park or a day at the mall: The effects of the environment on affect and impulsivity

Kelly Collins (Adviser: Jean Decety) Psychopathy, Antisocial Personality Disorder, and the likelihood of violent sexual offending in a male forensic sample

Yarra Elmasry (Adviser: Boaz Keysar) To invest or not to invest: Modality & risk-taking behaviour

Estelle Higgins (Adviser: Greg Norman) Just breathe: Effects of mindfulness-based stress reduction on airway inflammation in individuals with asthma

Victoria Keating (Adviser: Amanda Woodward) Children’s racial preferences and social network diversity

Abbie Klein (Adviser: Alex Shaw) Oops, I did it again: Children’s third party evaluations and perceptions of apology’s communicative nature and recidivist implications

Daniel Labrousse (Adviser: Alex Shaw) “ADHD” and less responsibility: the effect of mental health diagnostic label

Tanvi Lakhtakia (Adviser: Marc Berman) Seeing green: the restorative effect of natural environments on visual attention

Samuela Mouazaoir (Adviser: Anne Henly) Academic buoyancy in conceptually difficult math learning: Exploring students’ self-disclosed emotions, beliefs, and perceptions

Sarah Pan (Adviser: Amanda Woodward) Parental guidance and toddlers’ object learning

Wanitchaya Poonpatanapricha (Adviser: Dario Maestripieri) A psychological and physiological study of stress associated with early relationship formation, with emphasis on gender and personality differences

Alexa Saccone (Adviser: Susan Levine) Gender differences in the career aspirations of elementary school children

Faith Shepherd (Adviser: Susan Levine) Alexithymia has a strong negative relationship with Interoceptive Awareness: a top-down approach

Alexandra Tunkel (Adviser: Alex Shaw) Negation: A strategy for referential communication


Soaham Bharti (Adviser: Alex Shaw) People Avoid Algorithms in Uncertain Prediction Environments Due to Risk-Seeking Preferences

Anoushka Chowdhary (Adviser: Alex Shaw) Friendship Masking in Children

Naomi Gancz (Adviser: Greg Norman) Peer Ratings Predict Behavioral Changes in Children Exposed to Early Life Stress

Madeleine Meyers (Adviser: Dan Yurovsky) Caregiver Reconstruction of Children’s Errors: The Preservation of Complexity in Patterned Systems

Bjorn Olafsson (Adviser: Nick Epley) The Effect of Affect: How Mood Influences Social Engagement

Mia Radovanovic (Adviser: Amanda Woodward) Exploration and Abstraction: Effects of Learning Context and Executive Function on Children’s Abstract Rule Learning

Katharine Reis (Adviser: Howard Nusbaum) How Low Can You Go: Can Top-Down Attentional Effects Impact Sound Processing at the Level of the Auditory Brainstem?

Katharine Ross (Adviser: Kristen Jacobson) Today or Tomorrow: Can Future Orientation and Parental Support Serve as Protective Factors from the Harmful Effects of CUE on the Ability to Delay Gratification

Juliette Tuenissen (Adviser: Boaz Keysar) Developing Materials to Examine Effect of Language Nativeness on Susceptibility to Misinformation

John Veillette (Adviser: Howard Nusbaum) Early Attentional Modulations of Neural Activity Predict Subjective Decision Outcomes


Sophie Arnold (Adviser: Alex Shaw) When do women ask for less: Exploring the origin of gender differences in negotiation

Luke Clohisy (Adviser: Howard Nusbaum) Memory for Popular Music: Evidence for widespread tempo abilities and implicit pitch categories

Sara Furukawa (Adviser: Susan Golden-Meadow) Caregiver Contingency Before and After the Six-Month Thirty Million Words Initiative Home Visiting Intervention: A Randomized Controlled Study

Uriel Heller (Adviser: Boaz Keysar) Thinking in a Foreign Language: Promoting Acceptance of Mental Health Services

Howlett, Nicholas (Adviser: Alex Shaw) Confession and Punishment: Children’s Granting Leniency to Confessors

Benjamin Kolleck (Adviser: Christine Looser; Alex Shaw) Judging a Book by the Shelf it Sits On: How Our Brain Conflates Non-Valanced Contextual Visual Information with Social Judgment

Rebecca Kuang (Adviser: Ed Vogel) The Effect of Positive and Negative Feedback on Reducing Working Memory Lapses

Isabella Levy (Adviser: Jean Decety) Children’s Altruistic Behavior: Examining Differences Between Genders and Cross Culturally

Linman Li (Adviser: Alex Shaw) “But I really want it”: When Empathy and Justice are in Conflict in Children

Cameron Martinez (Adviser:Brian Prendergast) A Vote for Oneself: Egocentric Projection’s Role in the Liberal Evaluation of Political Candidates

Shamini Nair (Adviser: Thomas Talhelm) Institution & Instruction: Examining Teacher Talk Across SES

Emilia Russo (Adviser: Daniel Yurovsky) Parents’ Response Times Provide Implicit Negative Evidence for Grammar Learning

Clara Save-Segal (Adviser: Daniel Casasanto) Unconscious Processing of Appoximate Number in the Human Visual System

Siddharth Seth (Adviser: Alex Shaw) Race and the Underdog Effect in Advertising

Caroline Sudduth (Adviser: Sian Beilock) Exploring the Role of Math Anxiety in Career Choices

Sumer Said (Adviser: Jasmin Cloutier) Implicit Positive Bias Towards High Status Individuals: A Multidimensional Investigation

Tyler Warner (Adviser: Lindsey Richland) Impacts of Simultaneous visual comparison and individual differences on learning from a cognitively demanding comparative mathematics lesson

Ching Hang Joey Wong (Adviser: Miwa Yasui) Parental Conditional Regard: A Culture-Specific Risk Factor for Chinese Students

Marianna Zhang (Adviser: Daniel Casasanto) Perspective-Taking in Mental Imagery of the Actions of Others