Where to Find Research Support

The Division Research Development team within the Dean's Office of the Social Sciences, facilitates interdisciplinary research and builds organizational partnerships to support the Division's research and priority initiatives, including those within the Department of Psychology. Whether you have your specific aims ready or are just working out the basic idea, the research development team will work with you to develop strategic and funding plans and project proposals. Contact Cate Goebel, Associate Dean for Research & Strategic Initiatives, early in your project development process to take full advantage of these services, from initial project development, to visualization/graphic design, to proposal review. 

Conference Support

Departmental Administrators are often your best first approach to running conferences and can connect you to Division and University resources. Contact Ray Weathers for assistance with your conference planning. 

University Research Policies

The Local Business Center provides a number of administrative services to help investigators cut through the bureaucracy of applying for and administering a research grant. The LBC also participates on behalf of the social sciences in the development of the University Research Administration policies and procedures.

University Research Units

Affiliated Departments

Research Centers on Campus