Undergraduate Research Initiative

Whatever your future career interests, research experience is an invaluable way to strengthen your psychology education. The Undergraduate Research Initiative is designed to help students find research opportunities that fit their interests and learn how to use those experiences to further their academic and professional development. URIP offers a variety of workshops, informational sessions, and career development events throughout the year to help students make the most of the many opportunities and research-related events available on campus and beyond. To see a list of scheduled events, please visit our Professional & Academic Development Events page.

For more information or to discuss your particular interests in psychology, contact the URIP director, Anne Henly, ashenly@uchicago.edu.

How to Get Started:

Getting Involved in Research 
Make an appointment with URIP director, Anne Henly, to discuss your research interests and goals. You can contact lab directors directly to find out if there are opportunities for undergraduate researchers or speak with Prof. Henly to discuss your interests in more detail.  

Join a Study
On this page you will find information for students and young adults (18+) who would like to participate in a research study.

Workshops and Events

Recent Research Projects

Research Fellowships and Grants