Doctoral student in Integrative Neuroscience


Elliot is a doctoral student in the Integrative Neuroscience program working with Dr. Marc Berman. Elliot received his Bachelor’s degrees (Neuroscience, B.S. & Biology, B.S.) from Indiana University Bloomington while conducting network neuroscience research supervised by Dr. Olaf Sporns. He received his Master’s degree (Psychology, M.A.) from The University of Chicago while conducting social neuroscience research supervised by Dr. John Cacioppo. 

Research Interests

Broadly, Elliot’s research interests center on the usage of functional and structural brain connectivity measures to glean insights into cognitive and social brain function across phylogeny. Elliot’s current research in the Environmental Neuroscience Lab (ENL), conducted in collaboration with Drs. Marc Berman and Sarah London, implements high resolution resting-state fMRI to study interhemispheric communication and song learning in the zebra finch. Insights gleaned from this research may yield insights into the neural mechanisms of human learning potential and extend prior findings regarding interhemispheric communication in mammals.


Layden, E. A., Cacioppo, J. T., Cacioppo, S., Cappa, S. F., Dodich, A., Falini, A., & Canessa, N. (2016). Perceived Social Isolation is Associated with Altered Functional Connectivity in Neural Networks Associated with Tonic Alertness and Executive Control. NeuroImage.