Doctoral student in Cognition


Gabriella is a doctoral student in the Cognition program working with Dr. David Gallo. She received her B.S in Psychology in 2011 from the University of Westminster (London, UK) and Ed.M in Human Development and Psychology in 2013 from Harvard University. Before joining the University of Chicago, Gabriella worked with research teams at MIT and Harvard Medical School investigating the computational basis of human learning and inference, and later, using neuroimaging techniques to study neuroplasticity in sensory-impaired and congenitally brain damaged adolescents.

Research Interests

Gabriella is broadly interested in understanding the cognitive mechanisms of human memory. More specifically, she is interested in understanding why people are susceptible to memory errors and false memories and how this susceptibility changes as we age. She uses a combination of behavioral and functional neuroimaging methods as well as noninvasive brain stimulation to investigate these questions.