Doctoral student in Developmental Psychology


Natalie is a doctoral student and Institute of Education Sciences (IES) fellow in Developmental Psychology working with Amanda Woodward. She graduated from the University of Oregon Honors College in 2013 with a B.S. in Psychology. For her honors thesis, Natalie researched children's processing of infant-directed action under the supervision of Dare Baldwin. She then worked as Roberta Golinkoff’s laboratory manager at the University of Delaware researching early language acquisition.

Research Interests

Natalie researches children's early social learning. She studies how young children learn from their own active experience when learning from caregivers or teachers. Natalie also researches how early school-aged children learn through independent exploration, both in games played in-person and in online computer games. Additionally, she studies the development of children's social learning skills including perspective-taking, using both behavioral and neuroscience (EEG) approaches.