Doctoral student in Developmental Psychology


Nicole is a doctoral student in Developmental Psychology. She works with Dr. Amanda Woodward and Dr. Susan Goldin-Meadow. She graduated with a B.A. in Psychology and Cognitive Science from Northwestern University in 2015. As an undergraduate, she worked with Amy Booth and Sandra Waxman at Northwestern and Frank Keil at Yale University studying word learning, language development, children’s causal reasoning, and adult’s reasoning about explanatory depth.

Research Interests

The broad, theoretical question driving my research: how do variations in early social experience affect social cognitive development? I explore this question with three lines of research: 

1. Infant social networks - what is the nature of infant social relationships? How does the structure of infant social relationships relate to their early social cognition?

2. Language experience and social attention - how does early language experience influence adult's and children's attention to communicative contexts? In a collaboration with Jenny Lu, we examine deaf and hearing adults and children's attention and comprehension of co-speech gesture to understand in what ways early language experience affects social cognition. 

3. Cross-cultural variations - how does the socio-cultural context influence children's social cognition? In collaboration with Dr. Laura Shneidman, we explore 18-month-old US and Yucatec Mayan infants' word learning and naturalistic action environment.