Doctoral student in Developmental Psychology

Üli is a doctoral student in Developmental Psychology working with Lin Bian and Susan Goldin-Meadow. She received her B.S. in Neuroscience with a minor in Philosophy from UIC in 2019, where she researched individual differences in facial emotion perception. After graduating, Üli worked as an early education teacher and later as chief of staff at an educational non-profit, implementing research insights from her post-bacc position at the UIC Social-Emotional Teaching and Learning Lab. She also began investigating the origins and consequences of SES evaluations from the faces of older adults at the Chicago Booth Perception and Judgement Lab.

Broadly, Üli is interested in children’s development of social biases, nonverbal communication, and person perception. Specifically, how children may internalize, endorse and respond to stereotypes beyond spoken words - through gesture and face nonverbal modalities. Üli seeks to understand how subtle biases arise in childhood and continue to impact perception, cognition, and behavior across the lifespan.