Photo of Brian Prendergast
Brian J. Prendergast Office: BPSB 324 | Lab: BPSB 301, 302, 303 Phone: (773) 702-2895 | Lab: (773) 702-8441 Email

Williams College, Williamstown, Massachusetts
B.A., Psychology, 1993

University of California, Berkeley, California
Ph.D., Psychology (Biological), 1998.

Johns Hopkins University / Ohio State University
Post-doctoral Fellow, 1999-2003.



  • Bidirectional interactions between biological clocks and the immune system
  • Neural mechanisms of sickness behavior, motivational changes, and depression
  • Chronic disease and brain function: neuroinflammatory processes and HPA axis

Behavioral neuroendocrinology

  • Neuroendocrine, molecular and epigenetic mechanisms of biological timing

Recent Research / Recent Publications

Recent Publications

Prendergast, B.J., Beery, A.K., Paul, M.J. and Zucker, I. (2012) Enhancement and suppression of ultradian and circadian rhythms across the female hamster reproductive cycle. Journal of Biological Rhythms 27(3):246-56.

Dooley, J.C. and Prendergast, B.J. (2012) Photorefractoriness and energy availabilityinteract to permit facultative timing of spring breeding. Behavioral Ecology 23: 1049-1058.

Kampf-Lassin, A., Galang, J., Wei, J. and Prendergast, B.J. (2011) Experienceindependent development of the hamster circadian visual system. PLoS One, 6: e16048.

Pyter, L.M., Pineros, V., Galang, J.A., McClintock, M.K. and Prendergast, B.J. (2009) Peripheral tumors induce depression and limbic cytokine production and alter hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis regulation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 106: 9069-9074.