photo of Monica Rosenberg
Monica Rosenberg Office: Beecher Hall 313 Phone: (773) 702-8869 Email
Assistant Professor

Monica Rosenberg joined the faculty as a Assistant Professor in 2019. Her research explores how we pay attention, and how insights from attention research can help improve focus. Dr. Rosenberg completed her PhD and postdoctoral work in the Department of Psychology at Yale University after earning her undergraduate degree in cognitive neuroscience at Brown University.

A primary focus of Dr. Rosenberg’s work has been what we can learn about a person from their unique patterns of brain activity, and what this can tell us about the nature of the brain and mind. In particular, she builds models that predict individual differences in attention and cognition from functional neuroimaging data. This work has revealed, for example, that data collected while a person is simply resting in an MRI scanner (and not completing any task at all) can be used to predict aspects of their behavior, including how well they pay attention and remember information. Dr. Rosenberg’s work also uses behavioral, neuroimaging, and machine learning techniques to investigate how attention fluctuates over time, changes across development, and interacts with the rest of the mind.