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Henry is a doctoral student in the Integrative Neuroscience program working with Ed Awh.

Doctoral Student in Integrative Neuroscience


Henry is a doctoral student and Neubauer fellow in the Integrative Neuroscience program working with Ed Awh. He graduated from Brown University in 2019 with a B.S. in Cognitive Neuroscience. For his honors thesis, he researched how people create abstract schemas across related contexts, and where these schemas are represented in the brain, under the supervision of David Badre and Avi Vaidya. After graduation, he worked as a Research Coordinator in Russell Poldrack’s lab, working with Patrick Bissett to study inhibition and other high-level components of cognitive control.

Research Interests

Henry is broadly interested in studying the components of cognitive control using both behavioral and neuroimaging (fMRI, EEG) measures. At the center of this interest are the representations of working memory, along with the mechanisms for their maintenance and modification. He is also interested in understanding other components of control such as attention, inhibition, and goal representation, and how they overlap, differ, and interact with working memory.