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Doctoral student in Developmental Psychology


Tania is a doctoral student in the Developmental Psychology program working with Dr. Susan Levine and Dr. Katherine Kinzler. She graduated from Stanford University in 2020 with a B.S. in Symbolic Systems and a minor in Data Science. After graduating, Tania worked as a research associate for Carnegie Mellon University’s Cognitive Development Lab, and as a lab manager for University of Michigan’s Conceptual Development Lab. In her research, she has previously investigated healthy-eating mindsets, cross-cultural development of causal relational reasoning, associative and taxonomic priming effects on the development of word learning, perception and use of generic language, and children’s causal understanding of viral transmission.

Research Interests:

Tania is broadly interested in language and concept learning, and how it unfolds in diverse environments. Specifically, she is interested in investigating a) how the development of quantitative reasoning and number word learning is affected by different cognitive, linguistic and sociocultural factors, and b) how language and quantitative reasoning affects people’s social skills such as negotiation.